COVID-19 Information


For fully vaccinated visitors:

In order to enter The PSPF, ALL ATTENDEES, STAFF, VOLUNTEERS AND WINERY PERSONNEL need to bring their vaccine verification with them to enter the Festival.

For those who are still unvaccinated or partially vaccinated:

If you are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, you will need to have a COVID-19 test where the specimen collection occurred within 24 hours of visiting our festival. The test must be performed with an FDA-authorized test, or a CLIA certified lab. Without a negative test, you will not be allowed into the Festival. At home test results will not be accepted

We appreciate your understanding. Please allow extra time to complete the verification process.

Thank you for helping us protect our attendees, volunteers, staff and winery personnel.


In order to host this 2022 Palm Springs Pinot Noir Festival, we have gone above and beyond current CDC guidelines.

Actions include:

  • Hiring security officers to enforce Covid Protocol -no one that does not meet Covid Protocol will be admitted into the event. No exceptions!
  • Holding the event outdoors
  • Limiting the amount of attendees
  • Enforcing the mask mandate when inside the building
  • Providing ample space between winery, restaurant and vendor tables
  • Providing ample space for guests
  • Offering onsite Covid rapid test clinics

Thanks to people like you and the millions of others who got vaccinated, California’s economy is open. There are no county tiers, capacity limits, or physical distancing requirements. Neither the CDC nor the state of California has ordered shut downs or postponements, to church gatherings, malls, restaurants, bars, indoor sporting events like NBA, NFL, and NHL hockey games or given orders to cancel events.

Our event is being held outdoors. We hope you will join us for an enjoyable afternoon.

As professionals, we take both the CDC’s and state of California’s guidelines very seriously, which is again why we have gone above and beyond CDC guidelines.