Here’s what people have to say about the Palm Springs Pinot Noir Festival:


The Passion 4 Pinot event was a fantastic event, every detail from the pinot glasses to the background music was top notch. The guests were very interested, wine savvy and of a very high caliber. We were thrilled to be invited and can’t wait to be part of the next one!

Kristen Greenberg, Wine Club Manager, Papapietro-Perry Winery

The Ritz Rancho Mirage was the perfect backdrop for a truly passionate Pinot event – from the organization to the thoughtful consideration of wineries, it was top notch and Davis Bynum Winery was thrilled to be a part of this inaugural event. We look forward to a long partnership with David and his “Passion 4 Pinot”!

Alma Hunter, Sr. Brand Manager, RSWE/ Davis Bynum Winery

We had a wonderful time pouring and received great feedback from the consumers at the event – thank you for including us this time around! Please keep us in mind for future events and so happy it was a success.

Shannon Hyde. Estate Manager, Hyde Estates

I can’t believe 2020 was the inaugural “A Passion 4 Pinot” as the level of execution and overall event quality felt like the organizers had been doing this for years. The venue, ambiance, food, winery partners, guests, timing, etc. were all picture-perfect and effortless. “A Passin 4 Pinot” is now a highlight event for our small, family winery and we can’t wait to participate again.

Alex Kanzler, Owner, Kanzler Vineyards

What a great event. I really enjoyed the location and the quality of the Pinot producers was high. The folk in Palm Springs are so nice. It was a pleasure to pour wine there and spend time getting to know them. I’m looking forward to additional events in new locations around the US. Cheers.

Sherrie Perkovich, Director of Marketing, Sojourn Cellars

The crowd at the Palm Springs event was perfect for the wines we make here at Croix!  Passion 4 Pinot was a great marketing opportunity for us and a great way to introduce our wines to the affluent Palm Springs crowd.  I look forward to hopefully working with you again soon!

Travis Schimmer, Estate Sales Manager, Croix Estate

When I come to Passion 4 Pinot, I’m looking to engage with the diverse crowd that’s there. The crowd comes from many miles around. Passion 4 Pinot is very well known, but it’s also kind of quaint. You can really rub shoulders with people that you can really chat with about pinot noir. It allows me the opportunity to find out what makes other people’s clock tick when it comes to pinot noir. I know that there are many other great pinot noir producers in attendance, it’s always great to see some old friends and to meet new ones as well. 

Greg Morthole, Wine Maker, Davis Bynum Winery

I’m excited that Gary Farrell Winery is participating in Passion 4 Pinot because it seems to be exactly the right group of people that we’re looking for to drink pinot noir and to just enjoy the versatility

Theresa Heredia, Director of Wine Making, Gary Farrell Winery 

Joseph Jewell Winery was happy to accept the invitation to pour and attend Passion 4 Pinot. I feel when you’re making pinot noir on a certain level from a certain number of vineyards, I think people who are clearly pinot noir fanatics or “pinotphiles” really appreciate what we do with our wines. Passion 4 Pinot gives us the opportunity as a really small brand producing only 2500 cases per year spread out over 15 different pinots to showcase those wines to potentially the right people.

Adrian Jewell Manspeaker, Owner-Wine Maker , Joseph Jewell Wines  

Passion 4 Pinot is probably the most well-organized event that we’ve evet attended, which is great. As a producer, when you are there, everything you need is there for you, they have everything set up. The guests that attend always seem to be at a high level. The people are there to really appreciate one of the finest wines in the world, and they seem to be passionate about it as well. Ther’s nothing more than a producer loves more than having passionate people at their table sharing conversation about our winemaking philosophy, and about our land stewardship. It comes down to it being an incredibly well-organized event that has the best guests, the best people attending the event. That is what really makes it worth it to producers like ourselves. We’re a small family-owned winery, to have access to this quality of guests is a fantastic opportunity for us, Thank goodness for Passion 4 Pinot!!!  

Paul Sloan, Owner Wine Maker, Small Vines Wines